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April 29, 2023

Tell us about your mission.

Our mission is to reconnect people to nature through the appreciation of houseplants and create greener spaces for the world around us.


19.86% of adults are experiencing a mental illness which is equivalent to nearly 50 million Americans. Grounded is combatting the mental health crisis by demonstrating how connecting with nature is therapeutic to our overall well-being.

If you could wave a magic wand and achieve it, what would the world look like?

We want Grounded to serve as a hub for all things wellness and nature by innovating both digital and physical spaces that the world can have access to. Of course, the world would be greener if we could wave our magic wands!


What led you here?

Our love for plants and how therapeutic they’ve been for us whether it’s tending to our gardens or caring for our houseplant collections brought us together. Being surrounded by elder women doing the same in our family definitely played a large influence in building our individual connections to nature.


How did you come to realize this is your mission?

We realized this was our mission through our experience of launching during unprecedented times back in 2020. Hearing how our greenery, education, and customer service helped people disconnect and decompress was affirmation and fulfillment.


Did you choose this mission or did it choose you?

Both, it’s been very organic lol no pun!

What's your process?

Our efforts are reflective of nature's boundless attributes. The process takes all different kinds of shapes but staying grounded means, like nature, we’re resilient, adaptive, and expansive. When positioned in the right light, the nature of our work inspires and helps us flourish in spaces all around the world. We operate from an unshakeable, growth mindset that is sustained by the goal of improving the world around us. One of our favorite forms of achieving universal wellness and being connected to our vision is always staying authentic to ourselves.


Did your mission ever become a catalyst for self-discovery and/or self-love?

Absolutely! We always say how we care for our plants is a reflection of how we care for ourselves :)) We love being able to see ourselves in our plants whether that’s pinpointing plant growth with different milestones of our lives, or when we need to slow down (which is typically when either of our plants' struggles lol). Additionally being able to recreate ourselves and channel our individual passions into the company
allows for endless self-discovery.


Does your identity and/or cultural roots play a role in your mission or cause? If so, please share it.

Oh absolutely. Nature has always been an integral part of survival in the black community - whether it’s our ancestors growing food or using plants as medicine, we are forever inspired by our roots.


Do you think your mission and your life’s purpose are intertwined?

Yes, because both are rooted in being of service to others and channeling our creative energy into changing/improving the world!




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