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Nunchi Korean Jewelry Brand NYC



Jane Dua NUNCHI Founder

I’m a first generation Korean American, born and raised in Queens by a single mom who immigrated from South Korea. My first exposure to entrepreneurship was seeing it as a means of survival, not a choice. Immigrant parents endure overworking and being underpaid to make sure their American born children won’t. The jobs that are often available to new immigrants are often ones that demand long hours and low wages with minimal opportunities for upward mobility. I grew up in immigrant and family owned nail salons, bodegas, and Korean churches. I learned firsthand from a young age what it meant to be scrappy, when to compromise, and how to persevere.

For a long time, being Asian was a commodity demanded of me or a punchline. My formative years were spent combating my identity. First generation American children know all too well the complexities behind cultural dichotomy; when it’s so palpably obvious that you are the minority in most rooms, you instantly feel a pressing need to be invisible. This all changed with NUNCHI. We are a brand that champions what is right, unapologetically takes up space, and confidently expresses our identity. And we want our jewelry to make you feel this same exact way.

Throughout my 12 year career working for luxury fine jewelry brands, I saw firsthand that beyond excessive waste production and unethical buying practices, fashion has considered women of color as an afterthought far too long. I launched NUNCHI during the pandemic by purchasing unused fashion jewelry from immigrant and family owned suppliers in NYC struggling with surplus inventory that would eventually be trashed. I took these apart by hand and upcycled them into multi-functional body chainwear and accessories.

Today, it's no different. Advocating for culture and representation is the lifeblood of NUNCHI. We specifically work with immigrant and family owned businesses of craftsmen in New York City and Seoul, South Korea who share our mission of impact awareness and cultural celebration. All our pieces are consciously made using recycled metals and inherently conflict-free, lab-grown stones, reducing waste generated from manufacturing development. Everything from production to packaging is designed to minimize waste and impact on the environment.

This is why everything on site is purposefully tightly curated with accessible customization options so you have the range to personalize a piece through design, material, size, and more. Beyond quality jewelry to last you a lifetime, NUNCHI is about breaking stereotypes of traditional luxury and creating a safe space that celebrates diversity and the things that make us different.

Wearing your values is a movement, not a moment. Come dive into our world and join the movement.