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Environmentally Conscious, Conflict-Free

All of our products, from the raw materials down to the packaging, cause zero mineral waste and don't threaten the environment or biodiversity.

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nunchi is our mantra

nunchi is a Korean concept that describes one's innate awareness of and connection to society. This means community, change, and equity for all.

To us, it's a way of life. We're here to do good, not just look good.

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We all want a greener future.

To get there, we don't dump waste, we transform it. We take "old" gold, melted from manufacturing scrap, used jewelry, and computing components to create new products.

Inspired By Friendship & Purpose

What began as another phone call in a 11 year friendship inspired nunchi. Driven by their love of retail and pursuit of ethical sourcing, sustainability, and diverse representation, Jane and Michelle created a brand centered on being socially and environmentally conscious. Born in the midst of the pandemic, nunchi began by purchasing deadstock from struggling local small businesses in NYC and up-cycled these pieces to body-inclusive and multi-functional accessories. 

Today, it is much more.

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